Sunday league soccer at Metropolitan Oval, Maspeth, New York City (Photo: Ian Thomson)

Welcome To The Soccer Observer

The Soccer Observer is a professional multimedia website focusing primarily on American soccer leagues and the United States’ men’s and women’s national teams.

Its aim is to provide an entertaining perspective on team tactics and player performances in Major League Soccer, the North American Soccer League, United Soccer Leagues and U.S. international games.

The site will feature proprietary articles, audio clips, video footage and photographs belonging to The Soccer Observer. Other material shall not be used unless the author/owner has expressly granted his or her permission.

The Soccer Observer is a one-man show. It’s not the BBC, ESPN, Reuters or Sky Sports. Breaking news isn’t the site’s main objective. That’s not to say The Soccer Observer won’t aim to be first with stories if the opportunity arises.

Supposition and conjecture are traits that The Soccer Observer shuns. News stories will be published only when all facts have been substantiated.

Readers won’t be subjected to re-hashed press releases or cut-and-paste jobs on major newswire stories that have been broken elsewhere. This isn’t The Huffington Post. Nor is The Soccer Observer the place to come for “Five Things We Learned This Weekend” or “Top 10” lists. This isn’t Bleacher Report.

You won’t find The Soccer Observer churning out valueless articles on flogged-to-death fodder from around the soccer globe (though you might find The Sideline weighing in). The Soccer Observer would rather focus on providing unique, insightful features instead of glibly repackaging stories that readers have already been bombarded with.

Audio and video clips will be edited to an appropriate length for reader consumption. Inaudible or unclear footage will not be posted.

Those are some rough starting principles guiding The Soccer Observer. I hope you enjoy the site and welcome your feedback.

About The Publisher

Ian Thomson is a former Wall Street reporter and a graduate from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. He has covered the stock market and corporate news for Dow Jones Newswires and Bloomberg News.

Ian is a contributing writer for First Touch, New York City’s soccer newspaper and website, and covered the New York Red Bulls during the 2011 Major League Soccer season.

He is an occasional contributor to Goal: The New York Times Soccer Blog and has been published by the New York Daily News, Houston Chronicle and Press & Journal (Aberdeen, Scotland).

Ian began his soccer-writing career with a bi-monthly “Letter From America” column for Aberdeen Football Club’s match day magazine after relocating to the United States in May 2007.

Prior to becoming a journalist, Ian worked in various accounting, auditing and managerial roles for leading global energy companies in the United Kingdom and the U.S. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland.

Ian is a native of Aberdeen, Scotland. The Soccer Observer is his first venture into full-time sports journalism.

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Email: ian@thesoccerobserver.com

Twitter: @SoccerObserver

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